The wave of remixes!

The wave of remixes grows even bigger and we’ve just received 2 new ones! They come from different DJs — Bequest from Hungary and Alan Mille from Belarus. Share your taste with us, which one do you like better? Check it on beatport: click here

Vote for the best remix!

Hey! The remix contest is over and now it’s time to determine the winner. To do that follow 2 simple steps: 1. — go here and listen to contestants. 2. Vote in a poll here — The voting is valid up to 10/01/2014. Ready, Set, GO!

About black birds.

Guuuuys! As soon as we’ve posted news about black birds we’ve started to receive letters with different stories regarding strange and mysterious things. Some wrote that the birds created strays and started to fly in circles. We have no slightest idea what this all should mean but this strange concern awakens a creative impulse in…
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Remix contest from MAUT!

Hey DJ’s! Remix contest for the MAUT‘s A God to Save My Soul track from 2014 Demo EP. Deadline — 10.09.2014 1. Make a remix in any electronic style: Tech House / Techno / Trance / Breaks / Chill out / Deep House / Drum & Bass / Dubstep / Electro House / Electronica /…
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Disturbing news.

Guys, we have disturbing news. We’ve heard rumors that somewhere far to the west thick storm clouds began to gather, so the cold winds of autumn can bring not Just rain and melancholy, but also something else. Everyone says different things about it, but their faces are filled with something strange when they mention the…
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A God To Save My Soul (demo EP 2014)

Hey guys! We’re really excited to finally expose the first track from our new Demo EP! It’s about lust and despair, but we guess you’ll get that from the lyrics yourself, so all you need to do is listen, share, and wait for a second one DOWNLOAD THE SONG

Gig postponed!

Hey folks! We’re sorry to announce that Valentine’s Day gig on Feb, 15 is postponed to March, 8 (hopefully) due to political situation in the country. See you on Women’s Day! Stay tuned!